IAV Center


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Collaborating Institutions

    Sungkyunkwan University Department of Computer Education
    Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, Korea
    Dr. Jaehyoun Kim
    Intelligent Image Processing Lab Intelligent Image Processing Lab
    Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan
    Dr. Yen-Wei Chen
    Mirro Center for Research and Innovation Mirro Center for Research and Innovation
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Dr. Tammy Toscos
    Parkview Health Parkview Health
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Mark Pierce, M.D.
    Seavac Seavac USA
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Masahiro Imoto
  • Students

    • Eric Wise, Undergraduate student of Computer Science
    • Chaitanya Subdehar, Graduate student of Computer Science
    • Connor Gilliom, Undergraduate student of Computer Science
    • Chase Walters, Undergraduate student of Computer Science
    • Tyler McCaulley, Undergraduate student of Computer Science
    • Brendan Perry, Undergraduate student of Computer
    • Ryan Hurd, Undergraduate student of Computer
  • Advisory Board

    • David Peter, Chief Technologist at Raytheon
    • Scott Maddox, Site Manager at Northrop Grumman
    • David Walker, Software Engineering Manager at General Dynamics
  • Alumni

    • Benjamin Aeschliman (MS)
    • Isaiah Fisher (BS, Application Software Developer at IAV Center)
    • Jason Baker (BS, VeriSign, Inc.)
    • Keith Bock (MS, ITT Exelis)
    • Kevin Bryan (MS, Raytheon Company)
    • Anne-Marie Buibish (MS, Engineering Fellow at Raytheon)
    • Michael Burton (MS, ITT Exelis)
    • Som Chatterjee (MS, Actuary at Medical Protective)
    • Sanyogita Chhabada (MS, Business Intelligence System Analyst at Brightpoint)
    • Chris Dunn (MS, PhD student at Indiana University)
    • Daniel Hale (BS, Raytheon)
    • Tristan Hartzell (MS, ITT Exelis)
    • Ryan Heniser (BS, Sony Picture Imageworks)
    • Philip Johnson (BS, Software Developer)
    • SeungEun Kim (BS, Seoul, Korea)
    • James Kunce (MS, Senior Vice President & Chief Actuary at Medical Protective)
    • Mi Lim Lee (BS, CCC Information Services)
    • Brett Meyer (MS, Software Engineer at Red Hat)
    • Gary Miller (MS)
    • Lwin Moe (MS, Database Analyst/Programmer at Eastern Michigan University)
    • Dmytro Podgorniy (BS)
    • Yamara Santos (MS, Software Developer at Computer Sciences Corporation)
    • Jon Scott (MS, Zimmer, Inc.)
    • Gregory Short (BS, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
    • Jeff Stanford (MS, Staff Engineer at Logikos)
    • Rod Strong (MS, ITT Exelis)
    • Mark Thompson (MS)
    • Todd Welch (MS, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Crane, IN)
    • Jing Xie (MS, Vice President, Global Clinical Research at Biomet Inc.)
    • Corbin Yeager (BS, MS candidate at IPFW)
    • Thomas Bolinger (MS, Continuing Lecturer at PFW)
    • Nathaniel Gough (BS, BI Consultant at OneBridge)
    • Mikah Sunderman (BS)
    • Patrick Weisz (BS, Allied Payment Network)